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Title: Captured.
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Beta: I_glitterz
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this story and as far as I’m aware this never happened.
Warning: Swearing, established relationship, fear, being held captive, hostage situations, threat of violence, guns, sex.
Summary: Fill for the prompt hostages for HC-bingo, fear for dark bingo, anal plug for 50kinkyways and #24 handcuffs for lover100. Not many things can make being held hostage in a bank worse, apart from having to hide getting turned on because you're wearing handcuffs and your lover put an anal plug in you that morning.
Author's notes: Not too dark.



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Broken vows verse'
summery Tommy is in love with Adam, but Adam is getting married to another man.
Chapter oneChapter TwoChapter  ThreeChapter FourChapter fiveChapter six  Chapter sevenChapter eightChapter nineChapter tenChapter elevenChapter twelveChapter thirteenChapter fourteenChapter fifthteen Chapter sixteenChapter seventeenChapter eighteenChapter nineteenChapter twentyChapter twenty oneChapter twenty twoChapter twenty threeChapter twenty fourChapter twenty fiveChapter twenty sixChapter twenty sevenChapter twenty eightChapter twenty nineChapter thirtyChapter thirty oneChapter thirty twoChapter thirty threeChapter thirty fourChapter thirty fiveChapter thirty SixChapter thirty SevenChapter thirty EightChapter thirty NineChapter FortyChapter Forty oneChapter Forty twoChapter Forty threeChapter Forty fourChapter Forty fiveChapter Forty six

Your Pretty Face Hides A Thousand Lies.(Round Two LBB fic)
Summery - Lambliff Big Bang fill. Everyone thinks Adam met Tommy for the first time when he auditioned for the band, but that isn't true. Adam met Tommy once before in a club during his slightly slutty phase. The blonde was in his metal rocker phase then, he also blew Adam like a porn star. Why he's playing it straight now, Adam doesn't know, but he will find out.
Round Two LBB Master Post  (links to all ten parts)

Take A Piece Of My Soul (Round two werewolf bigbang)
Summery- AU. Tommy is bitten and turned into a werewolf, in a world where that will be enough for ani-werewolf groups to pass more ant were laws. So Tommy doesn't report it, he runs instead and is found by a pack of werewolves. They take him in, help him, but not everything is as it seems and Tommy isn't as safe in the pack as he thought he was.  
Fic Master post(Link to all five parts)

one shots  pairing: Adam lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff

Nightmares and shadows   H/C bingo fill. Tommy has nightmares, Adam finds out why. NC-17
captivity part A captivity part B  H/C bingo fill. AU. Brad sets him up with a new sub, but Tommy has a past that's about to come back to haunt him and Adam. NC-17.
Never ever push the Big Red Button  H/C bingo fill. Crack fic. Tommy helps Adam clean his dad's garage and maybe ends the world. NC-17.
One day I’ll find my prince…….And fuck him  H/C bingo fill. Adam's cursed, Brad thinks he needs a prince to lift it. A bit of a crack fic. NC-17.
Kat Joans is not my lover  H/C bingo fill. Just when Tommy and Adam are getting together a girl comes forward claiming she is having Tommy's baby. NC-17.
I want to feel you in the darkness   H/C bingo fill. Tommy wants to surprise Adam. Raja helps. NC-17. 
Watch You Bleed H/C bingo fill. Adam didn't want to let the protesters to force him to hide in the hotel, but maybe he should have. NC-17.
Pop My Cherry   H/C bingo fill. Tommy decieds it is time he lost his virginity to Adam. NC-17.
The Worst Night Of My Life And Its Only Just Begun H/C bingo fill. Confessing his feelings to Adam doesn't go how Tommy had hoped. NC-17.
Casper, The Cock Blocking Ghost  H/C bingo fill. Crack fic. Adam's new house is haunted. NC-17.
What Do You See When You Look At Me? H/C bingo fill. Tommy has a problem will any body see before it's too late. 
This Is Not What Vanilla Tastes Like  H/C bingo fill. Adam has a sex dungeon. NC-17. 
Fever   H/C bingo fill. Adam and Tommy put on more of a show than they mean to. Crack. NC-17.
He Loves You  H/C bingo fill. Adam thinks that nobody loves him. He's wrong. NC-17.
That's Not My Dick  H/C bingo fill. Adam wakes up to find he is sharing his bassist body. And getting his dick sucked. NC-17. 
Make A Wish, It Might Come True H/C bingo fill. Adam is far from home on his birthday and missing everyone. Even Neil. NC-17.
Burn Me To Ash H/C bingo fill. Adam is the new kid and Tommy has a secret. NC-17.
Tell Me How You Really Feel H/C bingo fill. Adam and Tommy have been sent to couples therapy. Only there not dating, are they? NC-17.
Music Again H/C bingo fill. Adam has been losing himself. Can his friends bring him back before its too late? NC-17
It's Not Even A Full Moon H/C bingo fill. Werewolf AU. Spending a hot day at Adam's, Tommy never exspected to meet a werewolf. NC-17.
Close Encounters Of The Gay Kind H/C bingo fill. alien's abduct Tommy and Adam. NC-17
Broken Doll H/C bingo fill. A freak accident changes everyones lives. NC-17.
Stay With Me H/C & Dark bingo fill. Adam falls ill during a concert. NC-17. 
Hero H/C bingo fill. Tommy is homeless, starving, he needs help. Can he bring himself to trust Adam? NC-17
Beyond The Pale Everything Is Black Birthday vampire fic for i_glitters. some plot, more porn. NC-17
Essence Of A Sex God H/C Bingo fill. Adam is taken captive and soon Tommy is too. Will they escape? A little cracky. NC-17
I Can't Be A Part Of This Lie Dark bingo Fill. torn between two lovers. NC-17
You Bring Out The Animal In Me Angst bingo fill. Adam brings out the animal in Tommy. Werecat fic. NC-17
Everybody Wants You When Your Bi Angst Bingo fill. During a game of \truth or Dare Tommy tells the Glamily he's Bi. NC-17.
With Your Cherry Lips And Golden Curls(You Could Make Grown Men Gasp) H/C bingo extra. Tommy is a cursed hooker. AU. NC-17
Claimed H/C bingo postage stamp extra fill. AU. Tommy is made to bond with a stranger. NC-17.
Beautiful 10 hurt comfort fill. Tommy gets a nose bleed
The Heartless Angst Bingo fill. Years after Tommy left the band Monte needs him to come back for a few shows, will Adam be pleased to see him? NC-17.
My God Pouts On The Cover Of The Magazine 7_Deadly_Sins and 50kinkyways fic. When Adam finds out that Tommy has been with a man, he gets very angry. NC-17.
Mr. Lambert 50kinkyways fill. Student/Teacher AU. Tommy doesn't want to wait.Part one of the Mr & Mr Verse' NC-17.
Mr. Ratliff Sequal to Mr Lambert. Student/Teacher AU. Tommy still doesn't want to wait. Part two of the Mr & Mr verse' NC-17.
Now Mr Ratliff, I Want To Hear You Scream. angst bingo/kinkbingo Ex-Student/Teacher AU. Part three of the Mr. & Mr Verse. Tommy and Adam have a date. NC-17.
Please Sir Part four of the Mr & Mr Verse. Tommy's parents aew out of town. NC-17.
GlitterBaby 7_Virtues fill. When they need help, Adam and Sutan call Tommy. NC-17
Leather and Lace Angst Bingo fill. A pill that makes you feel like you can fly, gives Tommy wings. NC-17.
Let's Watch It Grow And Die. Dark Bingo fill. Getting together should have been the hard part, breaking up is harder. NC-17.
Purple Haze....After The Haze Has Cleared Angest Bingo fill. Tommy has a secret, he slept with Adam, but no one seems to know, not even Adam. NC-17.
It's A Dark And Lonely Night Dark Bingo fill. Adam and Tommy get lost in the woods. NC-17
Gonna Make You Scream Dark Bingo/Kinkbingo/Smut_69 fill. Adam and Tommy are arrested for kissing on stage. NC-17.
Pretty In Pink Fill for sex is not the enemy ficathon. Adam shows Tommy he can wear pink and be manly. NC-17.
Scars Fill for Dark Bngo and Kinkbingo. Tommy gets badly hurt, can Adam help him? NC-17.
The Way You Touch Me. Fill for Dark Bingo. Tommy has tentacles. NC-17.
Save Me Fill for Dark Bingo. A day at the beach goes wrong for the Glamily. NC-17.
Wake Me Up Fill for Dark Bingo. AU. Tommy has an accident, Adam saves him. NC-17. 
With A Smile Like Death Fill for Dark Bingo. Tommy meets a stranger at a bar. NC-17.
Welcome To The Dungeon Fill for Dark Bingo. Adam goes to see Raja sing and spots another fimiliar face on stage. NC-17.
I Love You and You Fill for Dark Bingo. Adam comes home and finds Tommy in bed. NC-17
Survivor Fill for Dark Bingo. Adam hears Tommy on the phone and finds out a secret Tommy never wanted him to know. NC-17.
Forbiden Fill for Angst Bingo/50kinkyways/smut_69. AU. In a world where it's illigal to be gay, will Adam still manage to find love? NC-17.
Hold Me Close Fill for Angst Bingo/7_virtues/smut_69. When Adam has a seizure Tommy is the only one who believes Adam wasn't using drugs. NC-17
Love Isn't Easy Fill for H/C Bingo February Amnesty Challenge. Getting soul bonded to the person you loved should be easy. But Adam and Tommy find out that Love isn't always easy.NC-17.
Waiting KinkBingo. AU. Tommy has promised to stay chaste till his twenty first birthday, sounds esay, till he meets Adam.NC-17.
You Belong To Me(And I Belong To You AU Slave fic. Angst Bingo/Kinkbingo/Smut_69 fill Adam is given a pleasure slave for his birthday, but Tommy becomes so much more to him than a slave. NC-17.
Bound By Wild Desire (I Fell In To A Ring Of Fire AU. Angst Bingo/KinkBingo fill. Tommy's parents think he's possessed. NC-17.
A Different Kind Of Love Fill for So Hot Out The Bed and the prompt I got for it. Adam/Tommy/Isaac, together for one week. NC-17.
The Master Plan Fill for Angst Bingo. AU. Adam and Tommy as killjoys, trying to save Neil. NC-17.
Do You Like What You See? Angst/Glam/kink Bingo. A drunken night on tour in a hotel room is about to get very interesting for Adam. NC-17.
Bound And Alone  Angst bingo. Tommy is asleep when the break in happens. NC-17.
A Very Happy Birthday Kink Bingo. Adam Pampers Tommy on his birthday. NC-17.
I Want You Angst Bingo fill. Tommy has someting to tell Adam about his past. NC-17.
I Made Out With A Rock Star Glam Bingo Fill. Tommy ends up with waxed legs and wearing panties at Adam's party. NC-17.
I Like To Watch Kink Bingo fill. Tommy gets himself off while Adam watches. NC-17.
Just A Little Curiosity. Kink Bingo fill. Tommy is curious. NC-17.
Fuck Buddies Kink Bingo fill. College AU. Adam's friends think Tommy is playing games with Adam's head. NC-17.
Lovers Sequel to fuck buddies. Adam thinks it's time to ask for more. NC-17.
Boyfriends Third part in this college AU. They go out for Brad's birthday. NC-17.
Fiancé Fourt part in this verse. Can be read alone. Things just got more serious. NC-17.
Daddies Part five in this verse. Can be read as a stand alone. AU. Tommy never thought he'd be someones Dad. NC-17.
Of All The Clubs, In All Of LA, He Walks Into Mine. Kink Bingo fill. Adam was meant to be in Paris. Not in LA Helping Brad heal a broken heart. NC-17.
I Love The Way You Taste. Sequel to this is not what vanilla tastes like. Tommy and Adam play. NC-17.
Submission Kink bingo. Tommy likes having his hair pulled. NC-17.
Pretty Baby Kink Bingo. Tommy dresses up for Adam, but will they make it to dinner? NC-17.
You Taste Just Like Glitter, Mixed With Rock And Roll Brad has a party and with Sutan's help they turn Tommy in to Adam's dream man. NC-17.
Wake Up Angst bingo. A night out turns  into a nightmare. NC-17.
Against The Odds Angst bingo. AU. Adam and Tommy meet online. NC-17.
Beautiful To Me. Angst bingo fill. Tommy shows Adam his scars, Adam shows Tommy he's still beautiful. NC-17.
I Hate You Angst Bingo. Adam and Tommy hate each other, but do they? Things are about to get physical. NC-17.
Say My Name Angst bingo fill. Before Adam he had never been faitful. NC-17.
Claimed Adam's a were and he doesn't share well. NC-17. (nothing to do with the earlier fic by the same name)
Don't Make A Sound Part three in the kinkverse. In a hotel, they can't be as loud as they are in the dungeon. NC-17.
Take A Chance Tommy needs to take a chance, unless he wants to lose his moment with Adam forever. NC-17.
Finding Yourself As a slave he lost himself, but Adam helps save him. NC-17.
What Are You Wearing? Times are hard and after losing his job, Tommy gets a new one on a sex hotline. NC-17.
Are You Going To Play With Me? Sequel to What are you wearing? Adam finds out he knew Tommy before they met. NC-17.
You Can Trust Me Kink Bingo fill. Adam helps Tommy heal from his past. NC-17.
If Only You Could Read My Mind. Angst and Kinkbingo fill. They both have problems and secrets, but things are about to change. NC-17.
I Want You To Want Me. Tommy tries to get Adam's attention, with Sutan's help> NC-17.
Blood On Your Hands. Serial killer AU. Adam's a serial killer, Tommy's dating him even though he knows. NC-17.
Fun Land Just Got More Fun. The Glamily go to fun land. Adam and Tommy make their own fun. NC-17.
Out of the dungeon. Adam/Tommy/Sutan. sequel. The boys have some fun. NC-17.
Give Me A Taste Tommy and Adam share ice cream, in bed. NC-17.
I Like To Touch Sequel to I like to watch. Adam loves touching Tommy. NC-17.
Give Me A hand? Adam loves Tommy's hands. NC-17.
Let Me Take Care Of You Tommy takes care of Adam when he's ill. NC-17.
Discovery Channel Tommy's smarter than people think and Adam thinks it's hot. NC-17.
Take A Breath Adam see's bruises on Tommy's neck and finally asks how he got them. NC-17
Waited Long Enough Tommy has had enough of waiting. NC-17.
 Happy Birthday Baby Angst bingo fill. AU. Tommy lives in isolation, till he's sent a stripper for his birthday. NC-17.
You Can't Lie To Me Adam and Tommy are taken hostage. Angst bingo extra. NC-17.
You Promised College AU. Tommy made Adam a promise, has he broken it? Angst Bingo extra. NC-17.
Tonight Chasing My Fate AU. Wing!fic/Stripper!fic. Tommy visits a strip club with a difference. NC-17.
The Touch Of Someone New. AU Vampire Adam. Adam and Tommy both feel lost, till they find each other. NC-17.
You Turn Me On Tommy and Adam play on stage, but it becomes more than that once they leave the stage. NC-17.
Walk In My Shoes Adam Swaps bodies with Gerard Way, to learn something he needs to know. NC-17.
Need A Hit Tommy gets addicted to pills and starts getting clean. NC-17.
Rivals Highschool AU. Adam and Tommy are rivals, but is everything as it seems? NC-17.
Save Me AU Officer Adam Lambert helps Tommy get over his past and saves him from an attack. NC-17.
Take My Time With You Adam and Tommy have been taking things slow, till they get effected by sex pollen. NC-17.
Life With You Sequel to one of my fics called claimed, link to first part in summery. Living with your bonded has up sides and down sides. NC-17.
Would You Be Mine. They film a music video for Fever and Adam and Tommy get a little worked up. NC-17.
Watching Over You. AU. Tommy is an artist who's hands have been broken beyond repair. Adam is willing to do anything to help him, even make a deal with a deamon. NC-17.
Cold Winter Tommy Joe gets a cold, Adam looks after him. NC-17.
You And I And Him AU Adam and his clone are everything to each other, till Tommy becomes everything as well. NC-17.
Oh, Baby, Can't Do This To Me, Baby AU fic, when Tommy goes missing everyone thinks he is dead and Adam is swallowed by grief. NC-17.
Family Ties AU. Adam is a wizard from a magical family, Tommy isn't a wizard and he's about to meet the family. NC-17.
The Pack AU. The dancers are Adam's pack, Tommy wants the attention of the pack leader. NC-17.
We Can Be Lovers. AU sequel to Wing/Stripper fic. Tommy goes to see Adam at work. NC-17.
Caring Tommy falls ill, but why? NC-17.
Escort College/Hooker fic. AU. Tommy needs a man who shares his kinks. NC-17.
Your Love Is Electric Tommy has an accident that makes him think about how he feels about Adam. NC-17.
Can You Feel Me watching You? AU Adam stumbles across Tommy and gets a show. NC-17.
Call Me Tommy misses Adam and he can't sleep, so Adam tells him to call. NC-17.
Bad Boy AU. Tommy is a bad boy, Adam still wants him, a bodyswap will help him get to know Tommy. NC-17.
Free Me. AU. Adam is an enslaved genie. Tommy buys his lamp. NC-17.
Teach You Something New AU. Adam is tutoring Tommy. NC-17.
Not Alone AU. Tommy and Adam are orphans on the street, but they have each other. NC-17.
Just Lay Back And Relax After Adam is hurt Tommy helps him feel better. NC-17.
Let Me Check Your Temperature. Tommy takes care of Adam. NC-17.
Fall With You AU fic. Tommy was a good boy once, now he's Adam's. NC-17.
I Want To Be Inside Of You. Body share fic. Adam ends up in Tommy's body at a very interesting time. NC-17.
Predator Tommy has a little accident and Adam helps him feel better. NC-17.
Just When You Almost Gave Up Your Dreams. AU. Tommy wants to know who he is and if he's real. NC-17.
I Need To Have You Tommy and Adam are trapped and Adam has been covered in sex pollen. NC-17.
My Hero AU. Adam is in an abusive relationship, will Tommy help him get up the nerve to leave. NC-17.
Bullet Adam has an accident. NC-17.
Late Nights And Tour Buses Orgy fic. Isaac, Tommy, Adam, Terrence and Sutan have some fun. NC-17.
Poisoning Tommy has always been sick, but this is different. NC-17.
In The Mirror Adam doesn't think Tommy could ever want him, but is Adam wrong? NC-17.
New Worlds And Fairytales Tommy meets Adam, a man from another world. NC-17.
I Love You Even Though I Shouldn't Adam tries to help Tommy. NC-17.
After The War AU. Tommy meets doctor Adam. NC-17.
A New Lesson Highschool AU. Tommy gets hurt at school and Adam takes care of him. NC-17.
Straight Tommy isn't going to keep missing his moment with Adam, he igoing to make a moment. NC-17.
In To The Woods AU Tommy gets lost in the woods, Adam saves him. NC-17.
A Lesson Well Taught Part three of the highschool verse. Adam throws a party, but will Tommy get there in time? NC-17.
The Real Tommy Adam makes a mistake and asks for a way to prove his love. NC-17.

Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff Ficlets
5 unconnected ficlets Five unconnected ficlets, based on the prompts, Real, Party, New, Luxury and eyes. Rating between PG-R
10 unconnected ficlets Ten Unconnected ficlets based on the prompts, Warmth, Mouth, Content, Distort, Scent, Listen, Solitude, Tale, Help and Annoy. Between PG-R 
5 connected ficlets Five connected ficlets, based on the prompts, Guilt, Shopping, Bath, Dawn and closer. Between PG-R
5 unconnected ficlets Five unconnected ficlets for Ficlets100. PG-PG-15. Based on the prompts, Dessert, Rain, Enough, Apology
and Lesson.
15 unconnected ficlets fifthteen unconnected ficlets. PG-PG-15. Based on the prompts. Storm, Relief, Breeze, Different, Goodnight, Anticipation, Again, Paper-cut, Compromise, Gone, Dance, Mess, Dare, Blush and Revenge.  

I'll Take Care Of You Baby Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, Gerard Way/Frank Iero. AU. Frank has a party and most the guests end up ill. Tommy and Frank look after Adam and Gerard. NC-17.
[profile] cockbertbigbang Fic Master post Adam Lambert/Gerard Way. Adam never thought anything would come of meeting Gerard until he's offered the chance to tour with My Chemical Romance. NC-17. (Three parts in master post-compleated fic)
Slaves Isaac Carpenter/Tommy Joe Ratliff/Adam Lambert. Slave AU. Adam watches two slaves together, will they ask him to join in? NC-17.
The Bodyguard Adam Lambert/Derek Morgan. Criminal mind cross over. Derek does more than protect Adam. NC-17.
Sweet Dreams Baby Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff/Taylor Green/Terrence Spencer. Tommy has a nightmare, his lovers make him feel better. NC-17.
Beg. Sequel to the bodyguard. Adam/Morgan/Tommy. Everyone has secrets, when they come out what will happen?NC-17.
Loudermilk Tommy/Isaac Carpenter. AU. Tommy goes to see his favourite band. NC-17.
Trapped Sequel to the bodyguard and Beg. Adam/Tommy/Derek Morgan meet up again, but will things go as well as they had hoped? NC-17.  

My chemical romance fic
One shots

Pairing Gerard Way/ Frank Ireo
Penetrate Me ; MCR bingo fill. Frank decieds he's going to get some new piercings and takes Gerard with him. NC-17
No, I Do Not Have Fleas MCR bingo fill. Frank didn't believe in werewolves....till one bit him. NC-17
Hi, I'm Gerard's Boyfriend MCR bingo fill. College Au. A guy in Gerard's art class won't leave him alone. his friends try to help. R/NC-17(for swearing mainly)
What's A LiveJournal? MCR bingo and Dark bingo fill. Gerard is suffering from insomnia, so he descovers fanfic. NC-17 
Blowjobs Aren't Gay MCR bingo fill. Frank tells a reporter that blowjobs aren't gay. NC-17
Tease MCR bingo fill. Gerard pushes on stage.......Frank pushes off stage. NC-17
Better Living Industries McR bingo fill. Kobra Kid is taken. NC-17.
Truth or Dare MCR bingo fill. Truth or dare in the van can't turn out well or can it? NC-17
Endings MCR bingo fill. Gerard breaks up with Frank because he loves him. NC-17
Kiss Me MCR Bingo fill. Frank wants to be the first person to kiss Gerard sober
Hunger MCR Bingo fill. Everyone in the band gets cursed....apart from Frank.
Wild Night In MCR bingo fill. An interview gets Frank thinking/Crossover with Adam Lambert RPS. NC-17
Bitch MCR Bingo fill. Prison AU. Gerard is a serial killer, Frank gets to share his cell. (contains Mikey/Bob) NC-17
Leave You Before You Leave Me MCR Bingo fill. Frank is so scared he'll lose Gerard, that he won't let himself love him. NC-17
The Light Can Be A Scary Place MCR Bingo fill. Gerard doesn't want to be alone, but life as a ghost is pretty lonely, until Frank comes along. NC-17.
Touch Me MCR Bingo fill. He only lets Gerard touch him this way. NC-17

Pairing Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Instinct MCR and Dark Bingo fill. The boys get spiked with sex pollen. NC-17
Adults Can Have Sleepovers MCR and Dark bingo fill. An interview brings up bad parts of Ray's past and Mikey helps make it better. NC-17
Broken MCR Bingo fill. Killjoy Au. Jet Star has been captured. NC-17

Pairing Mikey Way/Bob Bryer
Fuck Me MCR bingo fill. Mikey had never bottomed, till Bob came along. NC-17
Long Distance Lover MCR bingo fill. AU Mikey's boyfriend bob is away at college and Mikey's falling apart with out him. NC-17(has characters from the Adam Lambert fandom)
Gasp 50kinkyways fill. Mikey has always wanted to try breath play. NC-17. 

Pairing Gerard Way/ Bob Bryar
I Just Want To Sleep  
MCR bingo fill. When the Black Parade tour gets hard. Bob is there for Gerard.NC-17

Paring Gerard way/Ray Toro
I Love You 
MCR Bingo fill. gerard needs to talk to Ray, admit how he feels. NC-17.

Pairing Bob Bryar/Frank Iero
Shiny Red Apples MCR Bingo fill. High school AU. When Frank is being bullied by a teacher, he doesn't think anyone will believe him. NC-17

Frank Iero/Mikey Way
Five Times Gerard Cock Blocked His Brother And One Time He Didn't. Written as a fill for Random-Bandom. Mikey and Frank get Cock Blocked, a lot, mainly by Gerard. NC-17. 

Pairing Mikey Way/Alicia Way
Strangers In A Hotel Bar MCR bingo fill. She meets a stranger at the bar. NC-17 

Ray Toro, Lead Guitarist, Sex Guru. Pairing: Ray/Frank/Gerard/Bob/Brian. Ray/Mikey. Ray Toro is a sex god and he looks after all his friends needs. It's a fun job to have. Fill for 50kinkyways. NC-17.

Pairing- Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos

Moving Day Pre series. Nathan helps Duke Move. NC-17.

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