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So first I'm getting really into steampunk fashion and I was wondering if anyone knows of good sites to get cloths and things for making your own stuff. So far I've mainly been using Amazon and I'm working on a budget, so any bargains would be appreciated.

Second I'd like some fic rec's please. All your fav bandom fics. My chemical romance, Fall out boy, Panic at the disco, cross overs. Any pairings, popular and rare. Self recs totally welcome. The only thing I ask is that you don't rec any death fics. I just lost my uncle and I'm having a hard time with it, I want fics to distract me, not make me think about it. I'm trying to get out of my own head a little.

Third. Me and my friends always dress up for Halloween and plan stupidly in advanced. We kind of love Halloween and I already know what I want to do for this next one. I want to make my own killjoys costume. I have some ideas, but if any creative minds have suggestions of what would look good, that would be great. And I'll need a killjoy name.

Lastly, thank you to anyone who has bought my books. If you haven't I'd love for you to consider buying them on Amazon . Reviews are great as well.

And if anyone wants to share random good news or anything, please do. I need cheering up. I don't even know how I'm going to handle the funeral. 
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